Suggested Supplies for Sunny Summer Flower Jar

Here are my favorite starter sets from Amazon (affiliate links) but you may find them cheaper on or another art supply store.  If you have a basic selection of decent paints and brushes though you can just use what you have.


A nice set of better quality acrylic paints.


A really pretty, bright teal.

 A really pretty, bright pink.

A nice set of brushes – all you really need for this painting though is a 1/2′ – 1″ flat, a liner, and a medium round all of which are in this set.


Canvas stretched over a frame either 12 x 16 or 11 x 14 or similar size.


An easel is nice but not necessary – you can prop your canvas on something if you would like – easel is just for convenience. This is a nice one because it can handle a larger canvas.

Other items You will need

Looking forward to painting together!!!