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Facebook page posts, Facebook group posts, facebook lives, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, to name just a few.  On and on we go with the list of social media posts, lives, and twits.

When I first had the idea that I might want to take my art online I had absolutely no idea just how complex this undertaking would be.

I haven’t even started with the list of must-do’s when you start your own website – the blog posts, eCommerce, SEO, google analytics, email marketing, funnels.  All the while having to learn each platform, learn to write in a way that converts, be authentic, and connect with “my people”.

Holy Moly!

I did what most people do when they want to learn something – I started googling and watching youtube videos.  I had serious pep talks with myself.  “You’re smart enough, you can figure this out, you got this.”

What I got was even more confused.

To help with the confusion I started taking course after course thinking they would help clarify a path to online success.  I learned a lot for sure but taking what I learned and organizing it in a way that worked for me, for my “artist” brain was my next challenge.

I tried spreadsheets, mind maps, checklists, calendar reminders, and still I didn’t feel like they worked for me.  I started feeling like there was something very wrong with me by this point.

I reached out to several of my artist friends, only to find out that many were feeling exactly the same as I was.  Some even said that they would rather be subjected to Chinese torture that spend their valuable painting time on social media, trying to engage people.

After doing a little more digging I found out that there are some real and sometimes deep reasons why we struggle to stay engaged with our social media marketing plan.

At first that’s all I thought I really needed – a plan.  I tried every sort of productivity app and task management app out there.  I set up reminders and scheduled every minute of my work day.  For a while I even stuck with it.

And then,  –  life happened.  I got sick, I had a family emergency, another work project took up way more time than I had scheduled.

BAM!  Off schedule and way behind.

I ended up wanting to throw my phone in the toilet because the reminders kept coming and I felt very triggered every time.

That’s when I realized that there may be more to this than I realized.  Was I missing some deep, underlying issues around social media marketing? Particularly for artists.


After taking a deep dive into the real reasons why social media marketing can be so triggering for some people.  What I found was truely amazing and inciteful.

  • I didn’t really know and understand my customers. If I did then connecting would be easy, effortless. That’s what I was longing for – easy, effortless communication with the people who were looking for my art.
  • I was not addressing my upper limits. Meaning = when things started going well for me, when I felt positve forward movement, I would “hit a glass ceiling”.  I would cause my own drama/conflict/struggle. This hit me painfully hard after reading the book The Bid Leap. Fortunately 90% of this battle is just being aware that we are doing it.
  • I discovered that if I cling to the thought that “I can’t do this – it’s too hard”, then I’m arguing in favor of limitation. And if I argue in favor of my limitations then I get to keeep them. Instead, I started asking – “What would it look like if I could do this? If it wasn’t too hard? And the biggest, most difficult question of all – “How am I getting in my own way”? Ouch, that one hurt.
  • Social Media requires us to show the world who we really are. This can feel really vulnerable. What if people don’t like my art? What if someone says something mean? There’s only one way to get past these fears and not be controlled by them. That is to FACE THEM! Feel that fear, face it and you’ll come to find out something really mind blowing –  that it really doesn’t matter what other people think.  Also, that hurtful comments say more about the commentor then anything else.
  • It’s time to let go of the guilt. Guilt works hand in hand with our upper limit issues. It shows up when we’re feeling good, or things are going good. My parents never had [fill in], my family never did [fill in], so why should I enjoy [fill in]? Guilt can show up in any number of scenarios but it’s purpose is always the same – to make us feel bad and unworthy. I’m done with feeling bad and unworthy for stupid reasons.

Now that I was more aware of the ‘unseen’ issues holding me back I went on a search to find a way to organize everything.  Something that really worked for me and my artist’s brain.  Finally, after an exhaustive search, I found it!

Trello checked all the boxes.   It’s beautiful, customizable, drag and dropable, super user-friendly and free.  Yes, FREE!

I set to work taking everything that I learned from all those amazing (and expensive) courses and made a Trello plan for moving forward.  Finally, I started making progress.  Not only did I finally feel in control but I was enjoying the process!

Now this was something that I never expected!

I set up my Social Media Marketing plan to be fun, light-hearted, and completely flexible.  I called it Social Media Marketing “Sprinkles” to put a childlike spin on the process.  I started sharing it with all my artist friends and got great feedback.

“Wow Tracie!  This is such a game changer!  Thanks so much!”  Jen

“I never thought I would enjoy social media marketing – this has brought back the fun to my marketing efforts.  It’s given me focus and goals”.  Robyn

I would love to find out what you think!  

If your ready to finally start making consistent progress with your social media marketing.  If you’re ready to make a living selling your art.  If you’re ready to stop trying to do all the things you ‘should’ and figure out what really works for you then give Trello a try.

Sign up now for a free sample to see if Trello works for your artist’s brain and learn a few valuable tips at the same time.