Hello Friend!


My name is Tracie and I’m an artist and former muralist.

I paint whimsical, loose paintings infused with emotion and color.

My Superpowers

I help people in creating the perfect piece of art for their home

I help artists with the techie side of creating a business online

My story goes like this….

In my 20‘s I became a decorative painter. Painting murals became my absolute favorite jobs. I decided to follow that lead and went to France to study more about Trompe L’oeil murals.

This opened up a whole new world of painting, traveling, and working in some amazing homes.

After a car accident, painting for many hours became impossible so I stopped painting. I started designing websites and doing marketing only to find that I soon started missing painting.

I missed the expression, release and joy of creating.

Now, I paint in short bursts as often as I can. I love to paint loose and intuitively with bold bursts of color.


Are you curious about the science behind paintings that jump off your walls, evoke emotion, make you stop in your tracks and that you never tire of?

Are you an artist looking for a mentor to help you through the overwhelm that often comes with getting your art online?

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