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Why It's So Important to Stay Organized

All professionals would love to focus on just their art. Whether you are a sculptor, painter, modern artist, singer, writer or even a physician, dentist, lawyer, or accountant, no one WANTS to worry about selling their “art”.

Instead, most professionals would prefer to just focus on their craft. “Art” in some basic sense is just a personal expression of a passion that emanates through a medium, whether that is colors, shapes, movement, words, or food.

However, the movie adage, “if you build it they will come” doesn’t always pan out when there are plenty of other people offering services and goods in your category. If you’re working to develop your art marketing skills, staying organized is how you will be able to translate your creations to a marketable good.

An organizational tool is the key to good communication with the general public.

Organization Is A Tool For Success Not A Four Letter Word

Have you ever found yourself complaining that you can’t get any sales? Or you wish you could promote myself better? The mental response is usually: “well if only I was more organized and more put together I could get this stuff done.”

If you’re starting an art business or want to learn marketing for artists or simply want to sell art on Instagram or Etsy you will need to learn a new skill. You will stumble. You will fail. But you will learn, grow, and if you are committed and determined you will succeed.

Organization is a tool. Remember when you found out that quality art tools really are worth it?  I remember the first time I purchased an expensive paint brush.  It was $200 and at the time that was like $1000 now.  The first few times I used it I was kicking myself that I hadn’t made the investment earlier.

Just like a paintbrush, or a chisel or a knife or pen the right organizational tools for your art business can make all the difference in the world!

Why Is Getting Organized So Difficult For Artists?

Why Is Getting Organized So Difficult For Artists?

The left brain is more analytical and orderly. The right brain is more visual and artistic. Where the left brain determines choices based on evidence and logic, the right brain focuses on intuition and your gut feeling.

This isn’t the only reason that artists fail to focus on organization. Artistic passion is all encompassing. Passion is what keeps our expression in art growing and evolving.

Organization, art marketing and selling ourselves as a service or product appears to be distracting and at some level degrading by putting a value on it.

But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Organization and art marketing doesn’t change the inherent value of your art and your work. Organization and marketing for artists translates your work into a language that is understandable to the general public.

Think of art marketing and organization as the subtitles to a French Film. The film isn’t degraded by the translation. It makes it more accessible to an audience that doesn’t speak French.

The same is true for your work.

That translation of communication through art marketing and organization only increases the value by widening the audience, widening your reach, and growing your exposure to potential customers and clients that would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience your passion.

I can do hard things

When we say we “can’t get organized” or we “can’t market our art correctly” what do we really mean? “Can’t” implies an inability.

It could be that you simply haven’t learned the right skills or you don’t have the right tools.

Have you thought this at any other point in your life? Did that stop you?

As long as you believe in yourself and believe in your passion and product or service to society then never say “can’t”.

You can learn how to start your organization in a way that is meaningful and successful to you!

You can obtain the tools that help you achieve your goals.

You can combine your passion and art with the organizational and art marketing tools that are needed for organization to go from creating a meaningful passion project to sharing that personal vision with a larger community.

When We Say We Won’t What Do We Mean?

When we say we “won’t organize” or we “won’t market because of x” what do we really mean? “Won’t” implies a choice. It doesn’t imply an inability but it IS a choice not to do something.

There could be many reasons for this, all completely valid. Organization and art marketing, particularly for right brained artists is an internal struggle that can be emotionally draining. It isn’t energizing like a passion project but takes proactive steps to physically do something that is uncomfortable, even triggering.

But remember, this is taking the perspective that organization and personal and art marketing for artists is a negative to the process as a whole.

Yes, organization is difficult. Yes, marketing for artists or any type professional is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a benefit or a positive influence on you and your development as an individual.

Mentally choose yes.

Mentally make the decision to continually improve your outward facing profile and communication.

Write It Down

Don’t rely on your memory. Trust the written word or even images or something that can track your creative process in a way that can translate to marketing for artists. Always have a pen and paper available at any given time in your studio or your office. You never know when you will need it!

Keep Track Of Your Writing

Have all of your thoughts in the same place. This doesn’t mean the same notebook, but it does mean not on scraps, napkins, and backs of postcards. Find multiple notebooks that you can use that you will use when you need to use them.

Stick To A Routine

Try to take a moment each day or every other day to reflect on what you need to get done, what you have finished, and what you would like to achieve. This will help you prioritize your work and direct your process so that potential customers and clients understand your internal schedule. Regularity is key to gaining a following.

Designate A Special Place

Have a desk or a corner that serves only as the purpose for your creative marketing and organizational needs. Separate it from your artistic space so that they don’t necessarily bleed into each other.

Keep It Tidy

In other words keep it distraction free. Don’t let your desire to clean or do other things as an excuse to procrastinate your own success.

My biggest distrations are always cleaning, making phone calls and social media.  I now have work hours that I stick to and everything is shut down while I am working.  I get so much more done since I started doing that.

Trello As An Artists Tool For Art Marketing

Trello is a digital tool to help visual artists and creatives work with their schedules and projects in a way that makes more intuitive sense than using a strict calendar schedule.

With Trello, you can create different thumbtack bulletin boards. A board is a collection of lists, filled with cards, used by only you or a team. Open a card and you can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, and more.

Trello is your digital visual assistant that can compile your art marketing and organization in a way that is visually appealing and naturally intuitive.

I hope this helps you in your adventures as an artistic business owner.  Remember, you CAN make a living selling your art online!  It IS not only possible but with the right plan and website in place it can be enjoyable.

By the way, my name is Tracie and I help artists build beautiful websites, market their art and write strong Artists Statements.  If you need help in any of those areas please email me and we can hop on a call to see if we are a good fit for working together.  Let’s make those artistic dreams come true!!!