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Online painting party


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Oct 11 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm



Oregon Mountain Scene

Celebrate the majesty of the mountains

There’s something about a snow topped mountain that inspires awe and is a reminder of the beauty of creation.

Join me and learn simple painting techniques that anyone, of any skill level, can learn.
Watch on Zoom as we paint live together.
Use a tablet if possible rather than your phone so you have a larger screen to see the details. Ask questions, get help wherever you need it, or just watch and follow: it’s totally up to you.

This painting class is about learning to ENJOY the painting process.

#doitanyway #nomoreartfear

Supplies you will need

Must Haves

Paints you will need

I will be using a basic set of acrylic paint.  Please have at least the primary color acrylics available for the class.
Since this class is only 2 1/2 hours long we won’t have a lot of time to mix paints, so if you have a variety of greens and blues on hand you can spend less time mixing and more time painting!!! Yay!
As we’re painting, feel free to paint what feels right to you. If you would like to follow me great, but if you want to express yourself in your painting that is AWESOME and encouraged.
This is all about having fun, enjoying the process, and taking time for yourself to enjoy the calming effects of the creative process.
Looking forward to painting together!


Online painting party
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