My Story

Hi friend - I'm Tracie

I’m an artist and former muralist.

I’m passionate about helping other artists feel productive, joyful and thrive in their business.


I’m so glad you’re here. You came to the right place if you’re looking for


Or, If you’re a fellow artist and are lookingf for the help finding


Painting Loose

Lose yourself in the process of painting instead of the details.
See why this type of painting helps you
relax into your creativity and trust the process.

Pure Joy!

Let joy guide you in the entire creative process. From the composition to the COLOR choices. Listen to your heart and move forward with joy.


The amazing organizing secret behind creating an online presence as an artist. What does right brain, “visual” organizing look like?


How would your business and your life change if you finally started selling your art online? 


Learn to create from flow and authenticity. Let go. Stop overthinking.


The amazing organizing secret behind creating an online presence as an artist. What does right brain, “visual” organizing look like?

Judgement Free Zone

Forget judgement. Forget perfectionism. Let the guilt go. Nothing kills creativity faster. It’s time to let all that go.

About Page Whisperer

The second most viewed page of your website and a treasure of important information for your buyers. Need help setting up an about me page that sells and still feels authentic? I’m here to help!

Remember the first time art moved you?

In my 20’s become a decorative painter. I came to especially love painting murals.My small decorative painting buisness soon grew inta a buisness doing mostly murals.

I was able to travel and worked in some truly amazing homes.
I loved every aspect of being a muralist-from the planning and designing to the actual painting of each project to the wonderful people that I worked for. After a car accident, painting became painful – causing spasms in my neck and back. I could no longer stand and paint for more than an hour. My entire buisness changed. I started designing websites, doing social media marketing and search engine optimization for various online buisness.

It wasn’t long and i felt something was missing.

It Felt like I was grieving but I hadn’t lost anyone.

I started painting small paintings. I knew I couldn’t paint for much over an hour
so I set a timer with a goal to finish completly in that amount of time. Something amazing happened. My art started to improve. I liked it more than ever. It wasn’t so tight and presize.

The sheer joy of painting returned.